The project aims to foster environmentally-friendly agroecological practices and establish connections among stakeholders in Ukraine and beyond. The ultimate goal is to achieve adequate agroecological intensification in Ukraine, while also securing societal acceptance. The project will be executed in two phases. Firstly, by strengthening the links between academic institutions and business organizations. Secondly, by promoting organic food production and improving the quality of life in Ukraine, in alignment with both the EU Green Deal and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our partners

Agri PAC World

Swedish and South African initiative to tackle the environmental problems that are linked to the overusing of nitrogen.

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Biotech company with production facilities based in South Africa and headquartered in Sweden.

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The following categories of international and national stakeholders are kindly invited to register for a ECOTWINS Stakeholder network groups and to actively participate in the partnership:

  • Research institutions: Ukrainian research institutions will benefit from the ECOTWINS learnings and the enhanced networks of NUBIP.
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs: Within the local agrifood sector, small start-ups and entrepreneurs can be the key players in boosting agroecological practices in Ukrainian agriculture. The increased knowledge will pave the way for future disruptive solutions that may not be known yet (e.g. novel nano-biostimulants as natural biopesticides), but workingtogether with NUBIP can further develop future innovations locally.
  • Agrifood companies: ECOTWINS approaches the agrifood sector by enhancing the quality of research on sustainable crop production. The increasing knowledge about agroecology and related fields will benefit the overall agrifood companies becoming more sustainable and innovative, and ultimately more competitive within the sector, at the Ukrainian and European levels.
  • Public authorities and policymakers: From ECOTWINS results, the policymakers will have proven strategy, arising from circular bioeconomy and sustainable waste management. One major outcome is achieving cost savings in having fewer landfill sites or building new incineration facilities.
  • General public: as part of ECOTWINS commitment, the general public will enjoy better liveability as there would be more efficient handling of organic biowastes.
  • Associations, and partnerships: With ECOTWINS, the foundation for sustainable cultivation and better waste management in Ukraine will be established. For example, NUBIP may be the pioneering member to set up the Sustainable Growers (or Organic) Association of Ukraine.
Please, do influence the ECOTWINS project for the benefit of all and register as the stakeholder here